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Filing Income Tax Returns in Australia Through A Tax Agent

Australia’s financial year runs from July 1 to June 30 therefore tax returns are due on October 31st. Due date extensions are possible with the help of a tax agent. One may opt to send his or her tax return documents by post or submit online using Australian Tax Office’s e-Tax software for more convenience.

Australia’s taxation system is considered quite complex which is why about 80% of Australians seek the assistance of a tax agent to prepare their tax returns. Australian business entities may be required to pay their taxes to the local, federal and state governments. Taxes are collected which will then be used by the Australian government to provide public facilities and infrastructures.

As a taxpayer, it can be beneficial to be able to hire a competent tax accountant in Sydney. Let this be your guide in making sure your tax accountant will be able to prepare and file your tax return without any problems.
What Do You Know About Returns

A seasoned tax accountant and agent with a broad knowledge of Australia’s tax laws can help you handle troublesome areas in your income tax return.
The Ultimate Guide to Resources

Ask recommendations from family, friends, colleagues and other contacts for an experienced and suitable tax agent for tax returns in Brisbane. Ask people who may have the same tax concerns or problems as you.

Some agents or tax accountants may tell you that they can deliver big income tax refunds for you or that they can have a lot of things deducted in you tax returns – it is not true.

Feel free to change your tax accountant if you are not getting the service that you need.

You may approach any retail accounting firm for help in preparation and filing if you believe you have an uncomplicated tax return.

Retail accounting firms may quote their services depending on the number of tax forms to be done, as well as the rank or seniority of the tax accountant assigned to you.

There are a variety of options for your tax management needs: an independent tax accountant and consultant in Brisbane or a Brisbane tax management and consulting firm.

Any of these tax agents or accountants will have the expertise and knowledge in handling taxes.

Choose only CPA accountants and licensed or certified tax agents. Accountants will have different specializations and area of expertise. Do remember that there are accountants who are experts in business consulting while others are more focused in auditing.

It is important that you get an accountant who specializes in taxation so it is best to hire a tax accountant.

In the end, you will need a competent tax accountant who can personally assist you in tax preparation, filing and most importantly, serve as a consultant when tax issues arise.